Poly-Constructicons X Reader - Six Rings to Rule Them All-MTMTE / LOST LIGHT. However, I do have a backup on my computer of all the headcanons, scenarios, headcanons games, and text messages. Todoroki and Iida getting pissed at their s/o (part 1) (poly headcanons). BTS REACTION - You being thick/chubby Thank you so much for the request, I think that all of BTS would love the girl for who they are, despite their weight, so I’m gonna do you a small scenario with. I am not currently taking requests! But I will open them back up when I'm caught up! And this account is all poly! For the HamilSquad/HamCrew. A Eren X Reader love story. The only family she has left. requested; yes!! by @saint-toes • wow ok so these boys are biggest saps • they are constantly doing little things to surprise you • jeremy loves to cook breakfast for you when you all stay at michael's house (michael also loves when jeremy cooks breakfast because lord knows he can barely make a toaster waffle). so I had to come up with a solution and the one that I liked the most was making masterlists for each group (reactions and scenarios) and then each idol. Megatron was getting overpowered by the Prime's sword, not yet having his own and having to fight with just his arm blade. Title: Smile. Requested?: ‘50 and 18 poly hamilsquad?’ Prompt: In the afterlife; Waiting for me. Person A is serving drinks to a customer, and Person A overhears some friends of Person B gossiping about how Person B has a crush on Person A. MasterlistSenku Ishigami Kissing HCS Taking Care of Sick S/O HCS Trying to Impress Crush With Science HCS Relationship HCS Cuddling HCS Comforting Homesick S/O Protecting S/O HCS “Don’t Worry”. SPN Poly Bingo. Being BTS’s Baby. Not Broken Just Bent- Prequel hamilton imagines hamiltrash james madison james madison x reader john laurens john x reader john. Tumblr be at it again. pairing: bts x reader (poly) words: 1. We accept reacts, MTL, smut, angst, fluff, drabbles, and much more. Cuddles | Poly BTS Genre: Poly!AU; Fluff Pairing: BTS x Reader Summary: You had a long, rough day at work, and you come home to the boys making food, getting snacks, and planning an amazing movie. Warnings: It gets very steamy, closest thing to steamy you will get from me “Another one?” Y/N groaned. I apologize. A few moments ago you had been sound asleep but thanks to Oikawa’s constant whining you lazi. Tagged: #bts texts #bts au #bts smau #bts social media au #bts poly au #jeon jungkook #jungkook x reader #kim taehyung #taehyung x reader #park jimin #jimin x reader #kim namjoon #namjoon x reader #jung hoseok #hoseok x reader #min yoongi #yoongi x reader #kim seokjin #jin x reader. A long-time fan of the show, Billy Grossman spent a lot of time (and saved a lot of money!) during his kitchen remodel by using Norm Abram’s tips and techniques for building kitchen cabinets. Pairing: OT7 X READER. it is a microblogging platform where news is often a topic of discussion, and where users aren’t being paid to curate a balanced portrait of world events. long story short, tumblr has a limit on posts, I think it's the amount of links you can put in one post. M A S T E R L I S T. And you are, it would seem you’re into this whole intimate thing more than I thought. Tagged: polyhamilsquad x reader, poly!hamilsquad x reader, poly!hamilsquad, polyhamilsquad, alexander x reader, john x reader, gilbert x reader, hercules x reader, mulligan x reader, lafayette x reader, laurens x reader, hamilton x reader, John Laurens, Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, alexander hamilton, hamilton. listen to the song though. Billy Loomis. It just came one day and took over. NSFW, matchups, poly relationships, yandere, character abusing reader, and to avoid offending anyone I will not write character x transgender reader. Anonymous said: can you do poly!lashton where the reader appears in the tour diaries doing something cute with the boys idk what and all the fans are confused or something Answer: Full tour Lashton. + anonymous: “Hey I really like you Deuce Gorgon x Reader story, I would really like it if you could make some more. Todoroki and Iida getting pissed at their s/o (part 1) (poly headcanons). I had fun writing this one! Thank you so much for the request anon! I really hope you all enjoy it!. Megatron X Human-Reader - Conscientious Objector Part 2 of 2. Poly!Sincerely Three x Reader. i’m gonna do some headcanons for you anon!!! - the first time you all meet is probably when you all go to the reformed overwatch-Jesse and Hanzo might’ve known each other before when they were younger and Jesse was on missions, but Hanzo won’t claim it until later on in your relationship. Genre: Fluff, Angst, Eventual Smut (maybe I don’t know if I’ll do anything more than an allusion to the smutty parts when we get there). Step seven: Starting at the outer two rings begin securing the 10x 10 mesh ties to the wreath. Please Stay. Person A is so shocked that they accidentally dump the drink pitcher all over the customer they’re serving, and they become a clumsy mess at work. Admin SeeU: Chungha Produce 101 Era Scenario Twice Reaction to Hearing their S/O Curse Sunmi and Reader's Date. welcome to the loser’s club # richie tozier x reader. Dates with Connor (QUICK HCS) Jared Kleinman x Reader: Travelling HC’s. You didn't have to worry about getting up early the next day for your vet. Monday, June 20th, 2016. They’re seven boys who are now the so called charmed ones. Anonymous Requested: I know you aren’t taking requests at the moment, but when you open them, would you be comfortable doing eddiexrichiexreader as a poly relationship in an imagine?. Request: could you do an scenario with taegi where the reader where she’s insecure with her body but tries to hide it and they find out? and just fluff? Keep reading. Pretty Brave. Requested By: Several Anonymous. Smut - [S], Fluff - [F], Angst - [A], Requested. Billy Loomis. Tagged as #monsta x #monsta x reactions #monsta x x reader #monsta x request #monsta x imagines #monsta x minhyuk #monsta x i. Ask if you have a question about anything please. One moment, you were fine, reading a book on your bed and waiting for Tom to come upstairs. ask: @thefangirlhasarrive "Then senpai, can i request for aome more headcanons for Defenders poly?" a/n: ;^) ofc i don't think i could ever get tired of writing poly defenders its some Good Stuff it's so hard to schedule dates, because all of you have such different schedule!!!. Therefore older fics are at the top, and newer at the bottom. Having emotional imbalance relationships–whether they be romantic, platonic, or otherwise–will do nothing but drain you of your energy because you aren’t getting back what you are giving out to others. A Eren X Reader love story. Andrew DeLuca Imagine 284 Words Suggestions: Andrew tries to get the Reader and him by themselves, but they keep getting interrupted. Something Is Happening - Masterlist Jared x Reader x Jensen ~ Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3 ~ Part 4 ~ Part 5 ~ Part 6 ~ Something Is Happening - Masterlist - “You’re A Badass!” #ff8700. Actually it didn't, I did. This is the vanilla type crap that you guys love. “Which movie now?”. ” Prompto called as you walked towards your. Friday night in (hamilsquad x reader) A/N: hey guys no one asked me to do this but I wanted to. 8k+ genre: pure soft fluff, slight smut (suggestive words) summary: the house could be a mess sometimes, seven boys with incredibly busy schedules was hectic and tiring, but you wouldn’t change a single thing. When you come home, the boys sense. Welcome! Here you'll find headcanons and matchups dedicated to Fire Emblem characters paired with readers. Can the three of them make it through the hunt without ruining their relationship, or will the hunt help create something even better than before?. Requested by @astudentsnightmare. Ends with Poly BakuDeku Fluff at the end!!!. Request: (in pm)Can you do a poly!hamilsquad x fem!reader where you are dating hamilsquad and you're all very close and something bad happens. if there is a specific couple included in a story (aka minho x reader or jk x reader) I will add that too, so those who are into one or the other know which to read. he tried to take on alex and got roasted into oblivion. Disclaimer: i dont own you or the Descendants franchise, i do own the writing. masterlists for other idols/groups can be found here here. Erin Reagan. The fandoms with a strike over it are the ones I don’t write for anymore. queencupcake2 liked this. Friday night had been a long awaited night for you. Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader Requested?: 'Could you do another poly ham squad where the reader get super shaken up after witnessing something horrifying and they comfort them?. Hwasa(mamamoo) [Tall!Fem!Reader is insecure with her height and gets harrased due to it. cuddles [ Shownu x Male Reader x I. Posted 3 years ago with 2745 notes Saturday, November 5th, 2016 — 12:57AM. these were your boys, this was home. Originally posted by shy-srgntwitch. Anonymous said: Dean x Seamus x reader polyamorous Yule Ball oneshot, please? Maybe just where they are all seeing each others outfits and then their first dance? Idk but I would really appreciate. I'll give you credit. Anonymous said: hi !! can i request poly!hamilsquad x reader headcanons where she's like… innocent/naive?? thanks so much!! Answer: boss' memo : i like my growing reputation as the person you come to. Warnings: Very little French. Barry was off to the side with Ross, both looking at Barry's phone. Kiss The Cook || Stephen Strange x Reader A/N: It's been a h o t minute since I posted anything on Tumblr, and this isn't my best work, and it is extremely short and I apologise for that but I just. NCT Poly!Mark x Poly!Jaemin x Poly!Reader Chii For: @eyesmilesjeno - Can I request a mark x reader x Jaemin (ploy relationship) blurb ?? About helping the reader when they aren’t feeling great about themselves ?? Masterlist! Also it’s highkey long too long for a blurb/timestamp. Poly Relationship Headcanons. Accidentally Hurt S/O (SHORT HC) Sincerely Three x Reader: Travelling HC’s. Poly!bts x reader. Imagines and Headcanons Masterlist Welcome to my drabbles, imagines and headcanons masterlist, where things range from 100 to 1000 words and everything's out of order. You looked at Andrew as he stood outside nervous. Stu Macher. I run and I see a group of men that I recognize, they're in a group that hates hybrids. ” “I know you have a lot of request but could you please do 129 where reader is friends with Madison and Jefferson but meets hamilsquad and ends up in a relationship with Laurens if that makes any sense, please and thanks!!!. indirect tweets Park Jaehyung x Male! Reader x Kang Younghyun Summary; Mild smut. You and Two Demons Hanzo x Reaper x Reader. Best Friends : Hercules Mulligan x Reader. It basically all means yes, no, my love, my angel, bye, things like that. Justin Foley. Categories: Reader Insert, Gender!Neutral Reader, Polyamorous. posted 5 months ago on 19 April 2019 with 149 notes tagged: #ot7 x reader #bts x reader #poly!bts x reader #mafia!au #mafia!bts x reader #assassin!reader #bts!au x reader #kim namjoon #namjoon x reader #kim seokjin x reader #seokjin x reader #Hoseok x reader #jung hoseok x reader #min yoongi x reader #yoongi x reader #masterlist #kim taehyung x reader #taehyung x reader #park jimin x reader #. if there is a specific couple included in a story (aka minho x reader or jk x reader) I will add that too, so those who are into one or the other know which to read. Anonymous said: Can I ask for a poly! hamilsquad x reader headcanons about the reader being sick and them being taken care of and also vice versa? Thank you and I'm so sorry for bothering you. Lance Tucker. Originally posted by shy-srgntwitch. There are a. So until then just sit back, relax, and enjoy the update!. no i love you more!! i should more poly tomdaya headcanons up soon and a drabble is in the works. Megatron was getting overpowered by the Prime's sword, not yet having his own and having to fight with just his arm blade. You’ll Be Back Part Two. It’s even more complicated when you have to hide your relationship with idol Min Yoongi and it’s only going to turn into complete chaos when another member confesses his feelings to you. A/N: January is probably one of the hardest months for everyone, whether you are dealing with a mental illness or not. WIPs that may never see the light of day Caught! (Jungkook x Reader) March 30, 2019 Two for One (Yoongi x Jungkook x Reader) Let Me Hold Them (Namjoon x Reader x Jungkook) April 23, 2019 Last Chance. The walls were covered in a frilly pink wallpaper and lined with pictures of cats playing with yarn. Having emotional imbalance relationships–whether they be romantic, platonic, or otherwise–will do nothing but drain you of your energy because you aren’t getting back what you are giving out to others. Shoji is the king of cuddles. A blog for Homestuck x Reader fanfiction, likely mostly lemons, in which the reader is depicted as human. There are a. I use a lot of memes when I’m half asleep. You knew about their lives, how they came together, how they fought in New York, all SHIELD’s secrets, but no one has noticed you there. Tris bab, can you give me some text interactions between Jeremy, Michael and reader where they're in a poly ship? I live for that stuff. !!!!! You got it! Warning: Poly shit yo Well…this is a very confusing relationship, everyone is very confused about it to say the least. You'll Be Back Part Two. Like, you wanna cuddle your BFs? Nah, there’s a kid between you and one of them (reader). Don’t give more of yourself than you are getting in return. Pairings: Gil x Reader x Harry. Warning tags for this chapter - NSFW, adult language, non-consensual touching/fingering. Kirishima doesn’t care what the three of you do as long as he gets to spend it with you. fairy tail is still a very special fandom in my heart but i don’t have any. Please note, I will only do platonic things about Orisa. Originally posted by miranda-groff-diggs. ” Prompto called as you walked towards your. Pairing: Aziraphale x Crowley x Female Reader. That was your lovely home. A Nightmare x Reader story. (Y/N) hid her puffy red eyes from her close friend Mikasa. There are a. poor baby, he doesn't know his boss is the literal king of vampires. Being their girlfriend and their whitelighter would be a hard task. Little Sis: Jungkook x Reader. Poly Bangtan: Taehyung and Jeonguk!! So, first off, let me just say that if this is bad, it’s because I was up at five this morning making it lol. Poly match for me? I'm 24, non-binary, and pansexual. You were out with them having coffee, little did you know your past was slowly creeping up on you. Poly Chocobros x Reader by QueenAnarchy Fandoms: Final Most of the works from my tumblr, prompts, and bits. Masterlist Class 1A Eijiro Kirishima Izuku Midoriya Katsuki Bakugou Mashirao Ojiro Denki Kaminari Koji Kouda Shouto Todoroki Tenya Iida Fumikage Tokoyami Mezou Shouji Hanta Sero Yuuga Aoyama Mina. Please don't cry alone," strong arms wrapped around you and you tried to relax in his grip' Genre: angst, fluff, comfort. “Which movie now?”. Prompt: It’s so cold in my room and i can’t sleep. Prompt: It's so cold in my room and i can't sleep. From Fanlore. lukas-needs-help liked this. That was your lovely home. Leonard McCoy x Reader. Billy Loomis. Requested by Anon. And you are, it would seem you're into this whole intimate thing more than I thought. Rating: 13+ Request; Hello ^^ I really like your poly stories can you please make on of Harry x reader x Gil please. (Y/N) hid her puffy red eyes from her close friend Mikasa. pairing: minjoon x reader genre: angst, smut, fluff, poly!namjoon and jimin, uni!namjoon and jimin plot: is it worth the fight to love and be with two men? word count: 1. no i love you more!! i should more poly tomdaya headcanons up soon and a drabble is in the works. Not Broken Just Bent- Prequel hamilton imagines hamiltrash james madison james madison x reader john laurens john x reader john. Don't know if you do this kind of angst but a scenario were Spain comes home and finds his s/o who never drinks having drunk 2 bottles of wine after finding out she had her fifth miscarriage and she just breaks down completely crushed thinking she's broken and just wants to have a child with him and make both her and him happy. pairing: bts x reader (poly) words: 1. A Nostalgic Dance (ChildhoodFriend!Dimitri x Reader) Summary: Everyone knows you love each other, but for some reason you both haven’t caught a clue. Masterpost ↬ Genre: BTS X Reader ↬ Idol!au/Poly!au ↬ Warnings: poly!bts, smut, fluff ↬ Summary: You are in a poly relationship with the BTS members. Poly!Ghostface x Protective Male s/o. The game was included in Tumblr. With the pack always being on patrol you haven’t really had much time with any of the guys more importantly with Paul so one night Sam decided to give the pack a break. Warning(s): explicit sexual themes (characters are of age), dirty talk, creampie,, oral ( male and female receiving ), fingering, virgin reader, loss of virginity, unprotected sex, 69, riding, he cums on her face, it’s still kinda dorky. –> Hybrid!Jin x reader - Oh Honey~ —> Jimin x reader - A Crushed Crush